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Company Goal

The goal of the company is to create shareholder value through exploration, opportunistic acquisition and discovery of commercial gold.



  • To acquire high potential principally gold exploration and mining prospects through research, networking and opportunism.
  • To explore and develop properties effectively, efficiently and expeditiously.
  • To procure sufficient, timely and appropriate financing whether through equity placements or corporate partnerships to provide for continuous growth of the company.
  • To stimulate and maintain a culture of success and achievement within the company.
  • To communicate with shareholders, potential investors and the public in a clear, succinct and positive manner engendering interest in the company and its business.
  • To promote and foster cooperation and mutual benefit among neighbouring communities, including First Nation communities and service partners.
  • To minimize the environmental footprint of the company in exploration and development while contributing through the efforts of its staff to the environmental well being of the areas in which the company is working and the planet on which we live.



The Company believes the often overlooked and under-explored Shining Tree area has the potential to host a Tier 1 gold deposit. The platinum group metal prospects that the Company targets within layered intrusions have the potential to host a Tier 1 PGE deposit.

Platinex has acquired, through option agreements and staking, a district scale gold property in the Shining Tree area of northern Ontario comprising 20,750 ha (51,274 ac.), making it the largest gold prospect in the Shining Tree area. The Shining Tree property is situated in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, which is a world-renowned gold province. The property is located along 21 km of the Ridout-Tyrrell deformation zone. This major deformation zone trends as far west as Borden Lake, through the area of IAMGOLD’s Cote Gold deposit, directly through the Platinex Shining Tree Property and on to Caldas Gold’s gold project which includes the Juby deposit. The southwestern Abitibi has experienced a transformation in the last ten years with the discovery and now development of several multi-million-ounce gold deposits, mainly along the Ridout-Tyrrell deformation zone.

At the heart of this deformation zone is a cluster of old, practically forgotten gold mines and prospects developed as segmented properties 80-100 years ago. Many of these sites reported high gold grades in veins. Platinex has assembled many of theses formerly-segmented properties into one large property for the first time.

Modern exploration techniques are being applied to re-evaluate many of these known deposits and explore the newly interpreted extent of the Ridout-Tyrrell deformation zone.



Notice Update

Platinex is currently a mining issuer on the Canadian Securities Exchange. This website is devoted to the mining assets of the Company and timely disclosure of all business being developed.

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