Platinex Inc. places high priority on its responsibility for the environment and for the health and safety of the communities in which it operates and proposes to operate. As a high technology resource company, Platinex believes that it has an important role to play in the promotion of sound environmental management of the Earth’s resources. The Company has formalized its commitment to the environment by ensuring that environmental issues are represented at Board level and that all employees are aware of their environmental responsibilities.

Global Climate Change is just one example of the many environmental challenges facing the world community today. Platinum Group Elements are, of themselves, vital to many industrial and mechanical processes requiring gaseous emission amelioration and reduction. Of particular value are the catalytic properties of PGE’s, used in applications such as vehicle catalytic converters, and the new fuel cell technology. Supply of PGE’s helps tremendously to protect the global environment, and Platinex Inc. is proud to play its part in that objective.

The exploration for PGE’s involves essential activities that can have some effect on local environments. Though these activities (eg. geophysics, sampling, drilling) are generally of only low impact potential, the Company takes very seriously its responsibilities to eliminate or minimize such impacts in all cases.

Through application of best management practices, the Company adopts a philosophy of prevention to minimize the need for remediation. All work is carried out in accordance with prevailing Federal, Provincial, Territorial and State legislation. In addition, local policies are considered and parties with local interests are consulted prior to commencement of work, to ensure that all concerns are properly addressed.

Company work practices are designed to ensure that sites subject to exploration activity are left, as closely as possible, how they were found.

Beyond normal business responsibilities, Platinex Inc. strongly endorses voluntary work by its executive officers and directors in environmental protection, consultation and local initiatives.